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A few years ago I had an opportunity to meet and talk with Gordon Cosby, founding pastor of Church of the Savior in the D.C. area. Little did I know how the wise words of the 90-plus year old, Christ follower would impact me.

In talking with Mr. Cosby, he said many things that stirred my thinking and challenged my soul. But, one phrase he said in particular will stick with me for the rest of my life. He described many American church goers as being “addicted to the culture”. In fact, in his church a good amount of the time was spent helping people become un-addicted to the culture.

How much of our Christianity is entwined with the culture? I mean, are we truly following after Christ, or the image of Christ shaped by our culture? Do we pursue the side-effects of following Christ or do we pursue Christ? I fear many times we are held back from truly following Christ because we are so addicted to the culture that we do not realize that we are.


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